The injecting use of methamphetamine (known as Pervitin in Slovakia) has been growing in Bratislava in recent years. A great number of injecting drug users belong to the Roma minority - socially marginalised and with poor access to any kind of health services. In some parts of the city, open drug use is a source of disturbance for people living in the neighborhood. People who use drugs often inject in stairwells and bushes, sharing their needles and syringes. Four out of ten are infected with the hepatitis C virus.
Photo: Ester Erdelyi Photography - Source: Wikipedia

Drug laws are harsh, and people who use drugs often don’t dare to visit social services, because of the fear of arrest. There are only a few organisations providing prevention, treatment and harm reduction, but the city council does not give them any funding, and there is no urban drug strategy to tackle the problems. The national government is now considering decriminalising drug use – it seems there is momentum for change. Please support local civil society organisations, such as Odysseus, to advocate for a new drug policy based on prevention, treatment, harm reduction and less punishment, and sign our petition!
Photo: Ester Erdelyi Photography

Our partner in the campaign from Slovakia is Odysseus. To learn more about the situation in Slovakia, watch the movie the Drugreporter produced with Odysseus.


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